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In the year of the beginning of China’s 14th five-year period, supported by 19 national ministries, commissions and institutions directly affiliated to them including the National Development and Reform Commission, co-sponsored by Guangdong Provincial People's Government, 18 national research institutions including the Chinese Society of Biotechnology, and China Science Daily, and hosted by Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, the 14th China Bio-industry Convention will be held in the Guangzhou International Bio Island. In light of the development of the bio-industry in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China and the world, the convention adopts the theme of "Innovation • Openness • Integration • Embrace the New Age of Bio-economy Together", highlighting China’s entering into a new era of bio-economy in the year of the beginning of the 14th five-year period. Aiming to be a professional, high-level, international and market-oriented convention, this year’s CBC will hold various events including the opening ceremony, high-level forum, professional forum, project roadshow, matching between industry and financing institution, achievement exhibition and themed science popularization through an “online + offline" format to present the latest development trends in the biological sector, establish a national system of laws and regulations on bio-safety and an institutional guarantee system, publicize China’s policies in the bio-industry, accelerate the implementation of the “healthy China” strategy, guide the flow of technologies, talents, funds and other resources towards this industry, promote effective matching between financial service and industry, research and application, and government and enterprise, promote coordinated development and growth of the industry, and become a platform for the commercialization of research findings and technological exchange among biol-enterprises, financial institutions, research institutions, industrial associations and government departments.

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the 14th China Bio-industry Convention


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