Jun 12 2019

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Source: Nanfang Daily

On June 10, “Guangmei I” return biology satellite (“Guangmei I”) emerged on the 12th National Biological Industry Conference; as the symbolic project of this biological industry conference, “Guangmei I” is manufactured by Guangmei Industrial Zone, Hangtian Shenzhou Biotechnical Group Co., Ltd (“Hangtian Shenzhou”) and Guangdong Jingxing Aeronautics Agricultural Technical Development Co., Ltd (“Jingxing Aeronautics”), it is the first commercial return satellite in the world, and the first recyclable space environmental utilization satellite in the world.

Its name “Guangmei I” has presented the achievements of Guangzhou’s cordial support to Meizhou. Liu Zhonghui, the commander-in-chief of the Headquarters of Guangzhou on Counterpart Cooperation with Meizhou expressed that, this cooperation will not only assist Meizhou to overcome poverty finally and realize the prosperity and development of Soviet Area, but also establish the new platform and bring out new opportunities foir the development of biopharmaceutical industry of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

▲ The news press on “Guangmei I” return biological satellite


Overcoming poverty with scientific and technologic strength

The future of agriculture lies in modernization, and the critical point of agricultural modernization lies in technologic progression.

Liu Zonghui expressed that, Meizhou is the sole prefecture level city in Guangzhou of which its whole range belonged to Central Soviet Area, and it is the ecological development area in the development strategy of Guangdong of “one core, one belt and one area”; in order to improve the high-quality green development and realize the ecological modernization, we must rely on the primary dynamo – innovation. “Guangmei I” is just the new exploration and new practice of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and ecological development area of Northern Guangdong to improve the green and innovative development altogether. 。
Wang Yuexing, the director of Hangtian Shenzhou introduced that, “Guangmei I” has the features of autonomous return, small scale and high load ratio, etc. Large amount of technical innovation have been done to it in the aspects of structural heat proof, orbit control and autonomous return, and the small-scale return platform which is recyclable and highly integrated is used, and the manufacturing cost has been reduced greatly and its using is more convenient and warranted.
Guangmei Industrial Park has also provided the innovative foundation for the realization of “Guangmei I”. Hangtian Shenzhou, Jingxing Hangtian and Guangmei Industry Park Investment and Development Co., Ltd have constructed Aeronautics Breeding R&D Center, a new-kind of R&D institute in the Green Creation Center of Guangmei Industrial Park, and construct the Aeronautics Agricultural Technological Park in the ecological industrial development zone of Guangmei Industrial Park so as to create the innovation center and opening “university-industry cooperation” platform on aeronautics breeding in Southern China.
Aeronautics Breeding R&D Center of Guangmei Industrial Park will perform the selection, breeding and industrialization of the high-end and characteristic aeronautic flowers being suitable for Guangdong Province. It will utilize the fine ecological environment and vast space in Guangzhou to provide effective supply to the high-end flower market in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and provide the support to Meizhou for developing agriculture with high added value.
▲ Guangmei I, the first commercial return satellite in the world, and the first recyclable space environmental utilization satellite in the world, emerged formally in the 12th China Biological Industry Conference


Providing space biological experiment services to the Greater Bay Area

The application in green agriculture is just the beginning, and Guangmei I will expand new space for the application and cooperation in other fields in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Launching Guangmei I for the aeronautics carrying and space biological experiment will provide the supporting platform on space biology in terms of the research of fundamental life science, the biopharmaceutical development and the creation of new agricultural species in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It will make Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area have better introducing and leading effects to the ecological development area in Northern Guangdong in terms of “green innovation”.
Guangmei I is planned to be researched and manufactured by 2020, and it will provide small-scale, common, low-cost and convenient commercialized testing platform for the fields such as space scientific testing, space breeding and space biotechnology.
“It means that the biological researchers will have more opportunities to perform the space biological experiment”, Liu Qinghua, the chief engineering and general manager of Hangtian Shenzhou stated, by researching and manufacturing “Guangmei I” satellite, the construction of the service platform for space biological experiment will be promoted greatly and it can provide the stable space carrying and experiment opportunities for the scientific institutes, universities and enterprises in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
In the points of view of Wang Yuexing , the future 20 years will be the golden period for the development of space life science in China, the service platform of space biological experiment provided by “Guangmei I” can perform the fundamental research on space life science, the biological technology and product development and aeronautics and it will enrich and promote the biotechnical development in the fields of ground medicine, environment, energy and agriculture, as well as the transformation and formulation of new industries.


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